All testimonials on this page are taken directly from my recommendations on LinkedIn, and those quoted are listed with the job titles they held when they made their initial recommendations. Several have moved to other positions, which are reflected in their LinkedIn profiles. Click my LinkedIn button below for the originals.

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Joshua Lorenz, Service Desk Resource I BDO USA, LLP
Benjamin is a very detail-oriented individual in both his professional and personal life. Ben is extremely helpful when assistance is needed with the systems he manages and his knowledge of those systems is top notch, as noted with his long list of Professional Certifications. Ben is quick to resolve issues and also quick to implement updates as they are requested. Additionally, Ben has the perfect personality to work with both end users and IT professionals alike.

Chuck Dreyer, Database Engineer (DBA) Priority Health Managed Benefits
Ben’s list of career accomplishments and education speaks for itself. What they do not speak to is Ben’s personality and professionalism. Ben is the complete professional on the job and his personality makes working with him a truly enjoyable experience. It is these traits that helped to bring respectability back to our Windows Server Engineering team, and Ben was a big part of that. Ben would be a tremendous asset to any technical team and to any business. I would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with Ben again.
Matthew DeVries, Information Security Engineer Priority Health Managed Benefits
Ben has solid technical and interpersonal skills that would make him a valuable asset to any organization.
Amir Khamis, Senior Technology Architect Open Systems Technologies, Inc.
I have known Ben for the last three years during my consulting engagement at Priority Health where Ben worked. I interacted with Ben on day to day bases. I enjoyed working with Ben and valued his pride and attention to details. Ben is dedicated and goal oriented. Ben is also efficient and organized and manages his time extremely well. I basically delivered the tasks he worked hard preparing and always made my life easier by clearly defining and documenting everything we worked on.
Christopher Nabkey, Server/Storage Engineer Priority Health Managed Benefits
Ben is a very competent, confident, and detail focused Systems Engineer. His skills with Windows, Linux/Unix, VMware, and Citrix are an asset to any company he chooses to work for.
Aaron Petersen, Field Services Tech Priority Health Managed Benefits
Ben was very easy to work with, and very eager to help. His extensive knowledge was always obvious when it came to completing tasks. Ben is considered a ‘go-to’ person when it came to anything Server/Storage related. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Ben Eavey for a position.
Gary Swets, Vendor App Admin Priority Health Managed Benefits
I have worked with Ben over several years and he has always been very responsive when on call and was wonderful with his followup. Ben is very strong in using Powershell command language and he proactively used it in our environment. Logging onto servers displayed on the screen you saw the information needed (server name and other specifics). With our multitude of servers, complex environment (citrix, vm’s, SAN’s, everything virtualized) Ben understood and was able to easily work in all environments and effectively implemented patch rollouts communicating what changes would be taking place and when.

I would heartily recommend Ben and his expertise to anyone.

Mathew Pauhl, Vendor Application Engineer Priority Health Managed Benefits
Benjamin’s in-depth knowledge of multiple areas of expertise (e.g. Microsoft Windows Server, VMWare ESX, and RedHat Enterprise Linux), allow him to intelligently shift gears from scenario to scenario seamlessly. On a personal level, Benjamin is a good friend – we compare notes on the latest gadgetry, showing his affinity to many technologies.
Kurian Kattukkaran, Database Domain Architect Priority Health Managed Benefits
We call him Big Ben as he looked at each project with a big picture in his head/vision. He has very sharp and tremendous knowledge on Windows server and storage management. I had some opportunity to work with him very short but very critical projects for spanning 20~40 Windows servers in very short time frame for very quick QA load tests/iterations and later expand the same for real production area. He had played instrumental role in getting SQL Server databases onto appropriately sized Windows servers and pushed for a plan for best practices with SQL server databases. Always good at technical skills and same time sharpening Leadership skills with a MBA program. He always has big smile when we talked about iPad or iPhones and very well organized individual, perfectly an asset to a team for any IT organization.
Scott Kwilinski, Manager of Infrastructure Services Priority Health Managed Benefits
Ben was the person I depended on most out of my teams. He not only was a solid, competent engineer, he was good at coordination and organization. My intention was to create a six person team for him to manage last September. I felt very comfortable allowing Ben to represent our team with customers and peers. He is perhaps the most emotionally stable person I’ve worked with.

I truly hope our paths cross again.

Todd McKenna, Systems Engineer Corporate Technologies, LLC
It’s been a real pleasure working together with Benjamin, he is not only open minded, ambitious, and energetic but also an inspiring person. He is someone you can trust, when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Benjamin is a hard working, insightful and result driven professional. He is one of the best team players I’ve ever met, and one of the smartest co-workers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Any organization would be lucky to have Benjamin on their team!
Mary Matthews, Senior Systems Engineer Computer Products and Resources
I had the pleasure of working with Ben as part of a constantly evolving team of engineers working on a variety of customer projects. He worked on a variety of Microsoft and Linux based projects, including helping develop the new Data Center. Ben gives careful consideration to all available options prior to making any recommendations and does not let his personal preferences get in the way of developing the best solution for any given IT problem. He is very personable, and was a calming balance to the often chaotic nature of the engineering team.

If I were in a position to hire, I’d definitely be adding Ben to my team. I would very happily work with Ben again any time.

Cathy Leik, Systems Engineer Perrigo
I worked with Ben on a Citrix project at Perrigo. He provided the expertise I needed, was flexible in coming in off hours to perform some of the work, provided good knowledge transfer, and was easy to get along with.
Rich Nagel, Qantum Mechanic Software America
Ben is a very sharp guy with a keen understanding for the needs of the customer. Whereas I tend to focus on the immediate needs of the customer, Ben has the ability to draw out the client’s future needs as well those in the present. Ben is a real go-getter with the discipline and drive necessary to see his way clear through any project he tackles. Ben is a valuable asset to any company or client!


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