Since I started running Windows 8 on my new ThinkPad, the wireless at my company has given this poor little laptop fits. I never have problems at home, or at coffee shops, or anywhere else… just at work. However, that’s also the only place I access an Enterprise wireless connection using EAP, so there’s the differentiator.

To fix this problem, I’m forced to reset TCP/IP using netsh. I do it about once a month, and although it’s slightly annoying, at least it works. It’s often enough that I’m documenting it here in case other people are having the issue, too.


How To Reset TCP/IP In Windows 8:

Note:  This is paraphrased from Microsoft’s support site, modified for Windows 8.

  • Open an administrative command prompt as follows:
    • Press the Windows key or click in the lower-left corner of your screen to open the Start Menu.
    • Type CMD to search your programs.
    • Right-click the “Command Prompt” icon and choose Run as administrator from the pop-up choices at the bottom of the screen.
    • When the “User Account Control” box pops up, click Yes.
  • At the command prompt, type the following and then press ENTER:
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
  • Reboot the computer.


What You’ll See Next:


While the computer reboots, you’ll be treated to the blue “Configuring Windows” screen while it ticks off the percentage finished until it’s done. If your system is like mine, when it comes back up, you’ll log in and your wireless will magically be working again.

I wish I knew why this happens so regularly, but at least the fix is simple. I hope this helps someone else in the same predicament.

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  1. I just learned something. You can press the “Windows-X” key combination to bring up a little administration menu in Windows 8, and then you can choose “Command Prompt (Admin)” right there. How did I not know about this before now? Very cool.

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