After finally completing the MBA program at GVSU, I’m returning to some of the interests I put hold while attending college full time. This web site is one of them. You’ve probably already noticed the massive visual overhaul, and things might be a little glitchy for a while during this transition period. I’m ironing things out, and I’m hoping to have everything looking polished by the end of the week. Of course, life is crazy with 4 kids, and if it takes a little longer I’ll add progressively more apologetic comments this post.

After that… regular updates! I’ll focus on language and technology, the two things that interest me most. Plan on bi-monthly posts.

One Response to “Under (re)Construction”

  1. From what I can tell, everything on the site is operational now. I had one remaining problem with the text entry box for comments, but I think it’s fixed. Away we go!

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