I’ve only been using WordPress for a couple of weeks, but it’s crazy that there isn’t a way to kill the built-in commenting system without editing the PHP directly within your theme. I found where I can kill the ability for people to comment, but the blog still insisted on displaying the “Comments are closed” section beneath my posts. I tried using CSS to hide it, and that didn’t work, either. If anyone’s curious, for my theme, I just had to comment out the section that pulls in the comments template like this:

php //comments_template();

That was in the “single.php” file, in my case. Your mileage may vary. Seems a little silly, but whatever. I can understand that WordPress is geared toward bloggers who use comments as the lifeblood of their sites, but I’m surprised that nobody gave much thought to the idea that people might want to work differently. In my case, I decided to drive this site’s comments with Facebook’s APIs. I’m not sure if I like it yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep it this way, but I really didn’t need a “comments” section for Facebook followed by another “comments” section pushed by WordPress telling people that comments are closed. Talk about confusing.

Speaking of the Facebook Comments section, I haven’t tested it yet, so… help me out? 😉

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  1. And a couple of weeks after this rant, I went back to the original built-in commenting system anyway. The plugins for Facebook comments all have way too many shortcomings, and based on what I’m seeing on WordPress.com, functionality should be coming soon to self-hosted blogs like this one to enable Facebook authentication. I can be patient.

  2. Ryan Aron says:

    I love your theme do u care to share the name?

  3. …by the way, since this post is REALLY old (October of 2011!), I figured I’d mention that the new Jetpack commenting system for WordPress is fantastic, and it’s working great here on the site. Hooray!

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